Lord, Can You Please teach me to be Content.

” I’m not saying this because I need anything, for I have learned to be content in any circumstances, (Philippians 4:11, CEB).  The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, defines the word contentment  as,  the  appeasement  of the desires or the act of  limiting ones desires, requirement or actions.  Contentment is a quality or statement about the situation that I find myself  facing in life.  In other word contentment is simply being satisfied in whatever  situation one finds his or herself.  The Apostle Paul knew what it was according to Scripture to be hungry and to be full.  He knew what it was for his spirit to be at peace but he also knew what it was to be at war.  Read Philippians 4:14.   If anyone had reason not to be content it was the Apostle Paul.  However,  in all things he had learned what it was to be content.  I find being content the most difficult thing for me to do in my spiritual life.  I am always looking to the future.  I have difficulty in living in the moment and being satisfied,   Were will my next appointment will be.  What will my life be like in five   years.  Will I still be on Incapacity leave this time next year.  The inability to  be content causes one to miss out on what God has for the individual in the present.  Being content is something that does not happen overnight.  It is not something that we automatically posses.  Contentment is learned.  It is a process.  It comes through personal and cooperative prayer plus the study of God’ word.  Being content in the situations of life is God’s will and it is essential to the spiritual life that God wants us to live.  


Prayer for the Day-  Lord teach me how to be content in my life.  Help me to see that it is not till I learn as the Apostle Paul did that I can go on to the deeper spiritual life.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen.


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