Touching Jesus is all that Matters

“At once Jesus felt power go out from him.  So he turned around in the crowd and asked, ‘Who touched my clothes,”(Mark 5:3o, NCV).  

I recently read a story about an orphanage in Russia were there were children who could show no emotion.  It was attributed to the lack of human touch in their early lives.  Human touch is essential in the development of our emotional, mental and social skills.  In our text we see the power of human touch.  Jesus is in the midst of a great crowd and is being pressed on every side.  In this crowd there is a woman who has suffered from a blood disorder for years.  She hears that Jesus is in the vicinity so she goes to him for healing.  She says to herself, “if I just can touch his clothes I will be healed, (Mark 5: 28, NCV).”  She presses in and is indeed made whole as she touches Jesus.  Jesus feels her touch.  This womans touch is no ordinary touch for Jesus feels healing power go out from him into the woman.  It was a touch made in faith to the power of Jesus and his ability to make well.  Jesus knowing that he has been touched in faith grants healing and wholeness to this woman.  When was the last time we touched Jesus?  Do we need to touch him today?  Jesus knows when we touch in faith.  He knows just as he knew with this woman.  In the words of a Gospel chorus, “Touching Jesus is all that matters then your life will never be the same.  There is only one way to touch him.  Just believe when you call out his name. 


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