The Old Record Player

I have a stack of records that belonged to my grandparents.  I remember listening to some of these albums as a little child.  Several of these recordings  are Christmas albums that were collected over the years.  One of these records is a Christmas album by Johnny Cash.  I especially like his rendition of, The Little Drummer Boy.  These albums bring back childhood memories.  However, before I could listen to these albums I had to secure a record player.  

One day I was on the third floor at First United Methodist, Greenville, Mississippi.  The third floor as it was called had been turned into an area that was only used for storage.  As I walked around this area looking at all the stuff that was stored I found a record player.  The old player was covered with years of dust and was all banged up.  I took it home but to my disappointment it would not play.   It also needed a new electrical cord which I replaced.  I soon discovered that its needle was missing.  I replaced the needle.  A record player is useless without a needle.  I then began to  wipe it down and shined it up.  After working with the player for about a day I then put a record on it and out through the speakers came the most beautiful music that I ever heard.  I then began to think about the old record player and how it applies to our spiritual lives.

The Scripture is very clear as to what happens to us after Jesus comes into our hearts.  If anyone belongs to Christ,  there is a new creation.  The old things have gone: everything is made new! (2 Corinthians 5:17, CEV).  This is what Jesus does for us in our lives.  We are somewhat like that old record player.  I worked with it and got it back to going.  It was designed to play beautiful music.  All it took was someone caring enough to put a new needle in it and work to remove the years of dust.  Jesus takes our lives and restores us to what he wants us to be.  He removes our sin and our guilt.  He equips us to live for The Kingdom of God.  We are made new, the past is gone.  I still have that record player and it still will play the most beautiful music.  Praise God all things are new!


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