Jesus the Baggage Carrier

     It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years.  I am an avid reader and collector of books.  In packing my office I had over 40 boxes filled with books.  Can I honestly say that I have read all of them, no.  However, I have read many of them over the years.  The vast majority of books that I have collected deal with religion; predominately Christianity.  A few works of fiction.  Faulkner, O’Connor and Wolfe to name a few.  In all honesty as we moved, I must admit that I felt a bit weighed down by the vast numbers of books.  I then begin to think about all the baggage that we collect over the years in our spiritual lives.  It goes without saying that I have collected my share.  We all collect baggage.  Individual baggage can consist of  all kinds of different things.  Spiritual baggage  can be sins that we commit or attitudes that we have.  Carrying all that extra baggage takes its toll.  I am reminded of what Jesus said, Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest,” (Matthew 11:28, CEV).  Jesus calls us to drop all our heavy baggage at his feet and he will carry it for us.  I find this comforting.  It is a marvelous thought that Jesus is longing for us to come to him so that he can give us rest.  However, I find that I can go through the motions of leaving baggage at Jesus’ feet, but I always want to pick it back up and carry it out the door.  Albert Tindlay wrote a song that is in The United Methodist Hymnal that has always been a favorite of mine.  “Leave it there, leave it there, take your burden to the Lord leave it there.  If you trust and never doubt, God will surely bring you out; take your burden to the Lord and leave it there.”  No doubt, Tindlay knew of our inability to truly leave our baggage at Jesus’ feet.  I need to leave a lot of things at the feet of Jesus.  I am quick to judge folk based on their looks or how they live their lives.  I need to leave a bunch of stuff with Jesus that has to do with issues of self-esteem. These are but two things that I have left at Jesus’ feet over the years,  but for some reason I can never leave them with Jesus.  Are you tired of carrying a lot of extra baggage around in your spiritual life?  I know that I am.  Jesus is offering to become the carrier of our stuff.  May we all truly leave our burdens at the feet of Jesus.

Prayer for the day.  Lord, help me leave the baggage of my spiritual life at your feet.


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