A Lesson from the Humming-Bird

“I keep trying to reach the goal and get the prize for which God called me through Christ to the life above, (Philippians 3:14, CEV).  

I recently was sitting on the patio and observed a tiny humming-bird trying to draw sugar-water from a feeder.  The tiny bird hovered in midair.  Scientists tell us that a humming-bird can flap its wings from 12 to 80 flaps per second based on its species.  The feeder is shaped like a giant strawberry and is red in color.  I watched in awe as the tiny humming-bird tried over and over to find the openings which would allow the tiny bird to feast on the nectar that had been prepared.  The little bird kept trying to insert his beak in the part of the feeder that contained no holes.  He would do this each time and then fly off, but he always would return.  Finally after several tries the tiny bird found the openings and feasted on the sweet nectar.  No matter how many tries that led to failure, he kept coming back until he secured nourishment.  The tiny humming-bird teaches us a spiritual lesson.

As Christians we have one goal in mind, and that is to know Jesus in a more real and fuller way.  In order to achieve this goal we must be persistent.  The spiritual journey with Jesus is filled with up’s, downs, twists and turns.  This race that we are in is a marathon and not a sprint.  No matter how many times we may face failure and difficulty we are never to give up.  If we will be like the little humming-bird we will finally reach our goal.  Persistence is the key.

What are you trying to improve in your spiritual walk with Christ?  Perhaps you are trying to establish a regular prayer time or a time to read God’s word.  It may seem that each time you start to do this that your mind is filled with distractions and cares.  No matter,  remain persistent  and you will find that your time with the Lord will become real and vital to your walk with Jesus.  Are you trying to find a church home?  Remain persistent, keep looking until you find the church that is just right for you.  Are you seeking to make heaven your home when life here on earth is done?  Remain persistent, never give up, and when life here is over you will find yourself in the presence of God.  I want to be like the little humming-bird, persistent in my search for the life-giving nectar that comes from Jesus.


2 thoughts on “A Lesson from the Humming-Bird

  1. Just wanted you to know that this is especially meaningful to Joe Lee and me since we observe, feed and adore our hummingbirds. Observing them will take on a whole new meaning now….printed this out for Joe Lee. God bless and love y’all.

  2. I love it! I’ve used the Hummingbird as an illustration of how a Christian should be as well. The Hummingbird and the vulture both survive in the same desert. The vulture, though, lives off the dead remnants he can find. The Hummingbird is in constant search for that which is living. The vulture is an ugly creature that thrives on what once was. The Hummingbird survives on what is! He searches for LIFE! I love the Hummingbird!

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