Moments of Grace

“In the beginning God created the sky and the earth.  The earth was empty and had no form.  Darkness covered the ocean, and God’s Spirit was moving over the water, (Genesis 1: 1-2, CEV).  

I lived for 10 years in the Mississippi Delta.  The Delta is a land that is filled with contrasts.  It is one of the most impoverished areas in The United States.  However, in the midst of great poverty there is also great wealth in.  Large tracts of farmland with, Cotton, Rice, Soybeans and corn comprise much of the Delta.  I remember when I first entered the Delta I was amazed at the sight of crops growing in the black rich soil.  The Mississippi Delta as is all of creation a testament to the power of God.

I was at a preacher’s meeting when I heard a fellow Delta preacher share a story that has stuck in my mind after many years.  One morning the preacher was out making his rounds when he noticed that one of his parishioners was on a tractor plowing.  He said it was in the early morning and he stopped by the field and he could smell the soil as it was being tilled.  The Spirit reminded him of the wonder of creation.  It was for this preacher a sacramental moment.  We shared yesterday that a sacrament is a means of God’s grace.   This preacher walked away from this experience with greater faith and a renewed sense of God’s creation.  We find that God showers are lives with these moments of grace, as reminders of his power and glory.  When was the last time that you experienced one of these sacramental moments?  It may have been as you were out playing with your children or sitting in church.  If we will look for God: God will reveal God’s self to us.  Are you looking?  Perhaps, you have grown so busy with the living of life that you can no longer recognize these times.  I encourage that you look to the simple thing in life and if you will listen God will bless you with one of these moments of grace.


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