Kindle to the Rescue!

I am a lover of books.  I value education so therefore it only makes sense to value books.  However, my valuing books has created a problem.  I have so many books they are “literally running out of my ears” as the old saying goes.  However, I think the problem has been solved.  You may ask, “How have you solved the problem?”  My wife purchased me a Kindle for my 45th birthday.  Yeah, I know I’m 45. I feel like it, and I realize that in a mere 5 years that I will be eligible to join the American Association of Retired Persons.  However, I’ve started chasing a rabbit so let me get back on track here.

When I opened the package I was a bit surprised as to why my wife choose to get me such a wonderful gift.  I thought, “How did she know that I was thinking about purchasing myself a Kindle?”  The answer is simple, I had given my password to my Amazon Prime account to her and I had forgotten and had placed in my basket the Kindle that I thought I would like.  I left it in the basket to give myself time to think and pray over the purchase.  I had decided that at the moment I really couldn’t afford the 150.00 dollars.  Leave it to your wife to find out about the toys that you want to purchase.  

I do not consider myself the most technological savvy person in the world, but I at lest try to be open to the latest advances.  I have an Mac rather than a P.C. and everyone knows that Macs  rock!  However, the intimidation factor was certainly there as I took the Kindle out of the box.  I decided to trudge forward and learn the ropes to the Kindle and I must say it was quite easy.  The problem now is deciding which books to download.  What I really like is that a lot of the classics that I didn’t read in high school and college are free!  Titles like Moby Dick and The Three Musketeer’s just to name a few.

admit that I still miss holding the actual book and dog earing the page as a means to remember the last page read.  The reality is that I can hold the Kindle in my hand, and I can bookmark and sync to the last page read.  The greatest thing though is that it can hold a lot of books and this solves the problem of books taking up space.  If your significant other is a lover of books and books are creating problems for you then I highly recommend the Kindle. It is money well spent.  Hey, anybody need some books? If so drive on down to Mississippi and I’ll give you all that you want.  


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