Gouge Your Eyes Out.

Have you ever meet people who said something like this, “Well it’s in the Bible and that’s good enough for me.  Yes, if it’s in the Bible that should be good enough for all of us.”  But is that really the truth?  A lot of well intended Christians are bad to do something that is … Continue reading

Is Jesus your Hero?

Klaus Issler writer of, Living into the life of Jesus: The Formation of Christian Character, begins his work by asking  the question: Is Jesus your hero?  I’ll  be honest with you, when I first read this statement I said to myself, “A hero like superman? Faster than a speeding bullet? Able to leap tall buildings in a … Continue reading

Jimbo Thompson

First United Methodist Church, Water Valley, has been saddened by the death of a former beloved high school coach.  Jimbo Thompson was a great guy.  He was a big guy in stature, but most importantly he had a big heart.  He was giving to everyone that ever came to him for help.  He even went … Continue reading


    Early in my ministry I was naive.  I had been raised in a family that said,”It doesn’t matter if you like the preacher, or if her/his sermons are so bad, we are still going to church.  We will be here long after the preacher has come and gone.”  We always supported the preacher by … Continue reading